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gallery of doom.... very empty. FAIL! :faint:


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full of very inspiring works. :heart:




i need to draw/submit more, what would you guys like me to work on? 

1 deviant said character designer (i'll design you a character based off of a description of what you want) $
1 deviant said sketch dumps of just anything, randomness could include OCs, fanart, random things/objects,
1 deviant said anime fanart
1 deviant said gaming fanart
No deviants said commissions of any type really, any character etc (no bg as of right now though) $
No deviants said auctions of OCs and fan characters and My Little Pony (in any generation desired) $
No deviants said one of my doujinshi/fanfic projects listed in my journal
No deviants said my little pony (nuff said)
No deviants said original works/characters (don't normally do this but i'll just watermark the crap out of it and resize them very small)
No deviants said photographs of various things including people, abstract, and animals etc


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i need to keep my subscription among other things! :la:

i'd really appreciate the points. :heart:

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56th Entry - Ebay Sells What-not

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 2, 2015, 10:42 PM
  • Listening to: YGO - Season 0 Soundtrack
  • Reading: Manga - OnePiece,YGO R/Duelist/MM,
  • Watching: Xam'd (funimation dub)
  • Playing: YGO Duelist of the Roses (for the first time)
  • Eating: boiled eggs and pickles
  • Drinking: Red Diamond Sweet Tea
got some great rare stuff for sale on my ebay page. give it a look. ;)
~i take best offers and combine shipping~

June is my birthday month, ill be turning 30 on the 18th. so basically i have 15 days left of my 20s. kind of depressing but it's far better than the alternative, am i right? lol anyway im headed to Louisiana for a FathersDay/Birthday weekend and i'd like some spending money haha, so check out my ebay if you see anything that interest ya.(also im trying to save money for a new strong computer for MMD etc) ive cleaned out my living area of things i no longer want or need or am no longer into. i take real good care of my belongings so you can rest assured most everything is in new to like new conditions. so anyway im going to submit an actual "journal" this entry. ya know, the kind of journal one writes in high school for their English class. soooo this journal is going to be about aging; because, why not? :B

you know, one thing funny about people is we write stories about characters who are hundreds of years old. characters we look up too and wish we knew or could be; like an elf or other fantasy/fiction character. characters who are wiser than anyone and powerful in some way but in reality, when people get older they grow senile. sure they are wiser but not anymore powerful in a physical sense or mental one. they're weaker and some people look up to them and some people dont. humans are ironic like that maybe lol. young people look more towards impressing those their own age, even those that are younger and a little older but not all people. most young people look down on old people thinking that their way of thinking is no longer creditable and outdated; no longer hip or cool. while some of us do show respect to our elders, it isnt the same as some fictional character we may be a fan of etc. also while we may have respect for our elders, we dont put them on the same level as ourselves. we put them below ourselves and most of us dont realize we're doing it. we often treat them like they dont know what they're talking about, like we know more about a subject we may actually know very little about; sometimes we just nod and agree when really we arent paying them much attention. ive always made better friends with older people like my teachers more so than people my own age when i was growing up. im not sure why but i love listening to them tell their stories for one. their books are almost full, it's ending has yet to be written. it peeks my curiosity like any good book that drives your imagination and that you want to know the ending too. sometimes i wish i was treated more as a friend to them rather than an annoying young person who's asking her elders to many annoying questions to benefit herself. though some older people love nothing more than to sit with someone and talk. ~:heart:

current and upcoming happy birthday :la: :heart: :squee:
PEOPLE & Other
jakthegreenfox/the-green-fox - june 18
deviantart - august 7

Sonic the Hedgehog - june 23
Monkey D. Luffy - may 5 (age 17-19)
Nami - july 3 (age 18-20)
Yugi Muto - june 4
Anzu Mazaki - august 18
Sasuke - july 23
Deidara - may 5
Gumi - june 26
Cloud - august 11

quote of the month - you are entitled to your own opinion; it's what separates you from me, which is a good thing. humans make mistakes; those that laugh at others mistakes are less than human. you make a mistake, you take it in and learn from it and do better the next time; that's how people grow. to laugh at that process makes you an idiot. ~ The-Green-Fox ~ ♫ (actually wrote my own quote this month)

currently saving money to buy a powerful labtop so i can try to get my hand into MMD and all the other programs associated with it. i plan on modeling a few characters from my original stories as well as focus on YGO modeling/remodeling etc. im working on several projects as usual while working a part-time job that gives me more time to be at home doing things i actually want to do. im working on adopts for one of the art sites im on as well as some fanfictions for, doujinshis, AMVs etc for youtube, crafting for etsy, and many other projects all a while working on my personal chars and original story i hope to one day make a webcomic and beyond. busy busy busy. never bored and never a dull moment. so many plans and big dreams. below are other sites to find me on. (though not much at all is on them if anything)

playing ffxiv if anyone wants to know what server im on, the fc im leading, an my chars name. :la: let me know!

join or affiliate ~
:iconcasshernsins-fc: :iconluffy-lovers: :iconyamiatemlovers:
do et ಠ_ಠ

every month or so i'll try and do at least one journal. i will update again soon.
laterz :wave:


~ anime screen capture section ~
Screen Captures :pc:

~ getting to know me JAK-TGF section ~
JAKTGF :ashamed:

~ imgbox galleries section ~
Image Box :gallery:

~ copy and paste section ~
Copy Paste :typerhappy:

~ birthday section ~
Birthdays :cake:


~ current projects ~ :work:

several different doujinshi/fanfictions that will help me practice my manga/comic skills.

01. One Piece Uncharted Adventure - this is a collage of many MANY doujins/stories i'm working on for my fave anime and manga of all time One Piece.
02. Yu☆Gi☆Oh! It's Your Move! - the purpose of this story is to show what would happen if the story continued after the ending of Atemu passing on to the afterlife. what would Yugi do and how would he grow? It goes from Yugi visiting Atemu's past with an egyptian body and experiencing the culture of egypt and learning a little more of his partners life in his past. it goes on to his crossing over then his revival into the present that i won't give any more away on except for the pharaoh of the past living in the present with his own body. how will that happen?
03. Digimon An Ocean of The Sky - Taichi may have grown up and started a family but the digital world needs him yet again. he is forced to return and upon returning he realizes something strange. he's the same age he was when he left the digital world on his last visit. why was he forced here, why is he a kid again, and where is his sister Hikari. she'd been missing for the past several days and the Kamiyas have been searching everywhere for her with the help of the police without any luck. could this sudden connection with the digital world have anything to do with her disappearance?
04. Naruto Abandoned Street - one shot.
05. My Little Pony Elememtals - (summary to come)
06. Ratchet and Clank Heroes Unite - (summary to come)
07. NiGHTS Believe in Dreams - what happens when the nightmares win? in the future dreams no longer exist only nightmares. the people of earth are scared to go to sleep at night but the body needs sleep so the nightmares are unavoidable. good dreams have become a thing of the past, legend even. did they ever exist at all? what has happened to NiGHTS?
08. Legend of Musashi Origins - connecting Brave Fencer Musashi and Samurai Legend Musashi. there is a Musashi legend never told. the story of the first Musashi. the Brave Fencer Musashi is a reincarnation of the original. Samurai Legend Musashi is yet another Musashi. is he the legendary 1st or just another reincarnation so many years later? confused?
09. Spyro Alpha to Omega - all his games summed up making sense of all the drastic changes when Spyro converted from insomniac.
10. Ecco The Dolphin - (summary to come)
11. Sonic The Hedgehog - (summary to come)
12. Pokemon - (summary to come)
13. Zelda - (summary to come)
14. Avatar The Last Airbender - (summary to come)
15. Peter Pan Never Child - my take on peter pan and neverland. it will have an anime/manga style and feel.
16. Lion King Beginnings of Hatred - one shot. the back story of scar and his pride.
17. Shadow of the Colossus & Ico - (summary to come)
18. Fullmetal Alchemist - one shot.
19. Magna Carta 1&2 - (summary to come)


~ personal links ~ :happybounce:

other sites to find me on

Tegaki E


~ side notes ~ :nuu:

please inform me

1. if i have any broken links please let me know.
2. if i have any typos please let me know.
3. if there is anything unusual at all please let me know.
4. if you see your name without a birthday. let me know when it is please.


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the-green-fox welcomes you to her profile. i is a green foxy, also secretly an Egyptian ninja pirate :ninjaplot: :ahoy:


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